About us

About Us
SNAPSPACE is a Business Intelligence company with vast experience in SAP BusinessObjects products, tools, processes and methodologies.

SNAPSPACE was founded in 2.008 in Portugal and actually is providing support and advisory in SAP BO products for some bigger customers located in Germany, Spain and Portugal.

We are using our knowledge in Business Intelligence for our strategic priorities and vision:
  • To achieve our vision, how should we appear to our customers?
  • To satisfy our stakeholders, which processes must we excel at?
  • To achieve our vision, how can we continue to improve and create value?
  • How do we optimize expenditures for maximum mission effectiveness?

(Isaac Newton)

We are continuously evaluating our core services, goals and measures of success on a consistent basis in order to ensure that customer needs are being met. Our decisions are made with overarching strategic goals in mind. Our's practices, work and culture are aligned with our mission, vision and values.
Have we resources available for the best projects?
How can we achieve
our objectives?
Are we measuring what really matters?
Our values:
  • We are working hard as we did on the playground
  • We are passionate about data and intelligence
  • We care about our clients, workers, results and society